Orange UP650H

Orange UP650H
Orange UP650H


The Orange Pumps UP series fire fighting pump offers simplicity while providing super-high performance, with an impressive list of features.

The UP series pump features over 5 years of refinement by the Melbourne engineering team, sports twin-impeller performance from a single impeller pump, and now comes with a licenced (Green and Gold approved) genuine Honda GX200 engine!

The UP650H is the new flagship of the Orange Pumps fire fighting pumps range.

Pump Features:

  • Twin impeller performance from a single impeller design
  • High volumes at high pressure
  • Dual threads (2" outside & 1.5" inside) on suction and main discharge (1.5" outside & 1.25" inside) ports
  • Removable discharge ports (1 x 1.5" BSP and 2 x 1" BSP)
  • Built in non-return (check) valve
  • Polyester powder coat finish on marine grade Aluminium housing
  • 3 year warranty

Impeller Features:

  • Torque tuned, machined and balanced Aluminium impeller for high performance
  • Impeller neck ring seal for greater efficiency
  • Wide vane for larger solids handling - impeller less prone to blocking when pumping dirty water

 Engine Features:

  • Legendary 6.5 hp Honda GX200 GEN 2 petrol engine
  • 3 year warranty
  • Low oil alert
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeve
  • OHV design for high efficiency
  • Dual element air cleaner
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